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Nigeria and Background Checks

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Nigeria is a nation with an enormous local market and thriving international trade.  With nearly twice the population of the second largest country in Africa, yet business and government face many challenges in building a workforce and successful relationships.

Tramca is building world-class technology solutions to increase confidence in who you hire, partner with, and take on as customers.

Businesses rely on better background checks and due diligence to minimize the risk in making good business partnerships and employment of the right candidate.

Doing Business in Nigeria should be easy, risk-free, and transparent if proper due diligence mechanism is in place and KYC steps strictly adhere. That is what TRAMCA is all about. TRUST and TRANSPARENCY.

Our goal is to provide you with the most useful, detailed, and important information about your candidate for employment, potential business & business partner, ultimate beneficial owner, and other legal entities, while adhering to the relevant Privacy Laws.

People all around the world increasingly mistrust companies, individuals, etc. TRAMCA will be leveraging on over 1000 data sources to restore transparency and trust.

If reducing employee turnover, partnering with quality businesses, and reducing internal fraud losses appeal to you, then signup now to learn more.

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Without Tramca it is "extremely hard to do any DD on Nigerian individuals [because] the country does not have a reliable database."

Accountant, Hong Kong

Screening job candidates before employment has increasingly become an important step in the hiring process as human resource experts say it is important for employers to obtain useful information about their potential employees. However, not all employers use employment background checks to their best advantage as some have failed to conduct successful employment background checks on job seekers.

Linda Eroke, This Day

"The cost of a bad hire or exit is on average 3x the annual salary of that position"

The African Talent Company

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